Hull and East Ridings Leading Chimney Sweeping and Stove Service Team
Code Of Conduct

Below we have provided our 'code of practice' so that you know what to expect when a sweep calls at your property.


The practice of chimney sweeping shall be deemed to be the passing of an adequately sized and strength brush, appropriate to the diameter of the chimney and flue used, through the complete length of the chimney. The brush may be put through by either rods or a line and weights.

There is no acceptable method of cleaning a chimney using a vacuum cleaner only.

In all cases a Chimney Sweep shall carry sufficient rods or line to ensure the brush will pass the length of the chimney or flue completely.

Brushes will be in good order and full bristle. The practice of passing bald or undersized brushes through chimneys is totally unacceptable, except in the case of problem chimneys and with the knowledge and consent of a responsible person involved with the property or its ownership.

Before any sweeping commences, the immediate floor area and fireplace opening or boiler hatch shall be sheeted to keep mess to the absolute minimum.

In the case of boilers and log burners, all airways and flues shall be thoroughly brushed out unless the responsible person has indicated otherwise. This work does not include boiler servicing.

All problems and faults found during sweeping shall be made known to the persons with whom the sweeping contract is made, or the property owner. All such problems and faults relating to the chimney or heating appliances shall be put in writing.

It is considered that any person calling on a Chimney Sweep, unless stating otherwise, believes to the best of their ability that the chimneys to be swept are in a safe and structurally sound condition. They shall not hold the Sweep responsible for any further damage to chimneys, pots, flues, roofing tiles, heating appliances, cowls etc. or personal injury to themselves or third parties, caused by the act of sweeping a faulty or aged chimney.

A Sweep shall have the right to refuse work on arrival at premises, if the work involved is for any reason unsafe or dangerous to perform (Health and Safety at Work Act 1974) on producing evidence of the defect in writing with, if possible, a remedy for the situation. In these circumstances the sweep shall be eligible for their full fee.




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