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Putting an old fireplace back into use


So you're thinking of knocking through the old bricked-up opening and putting the fireplace back into use. That is good thinking. There is no more evocative an image than that of a roaring fire, it conjures up feelings of warmth so much more than central heating ever could. Yes having a working fireplace not only offers a more welcoming living room, but it adds to the personality of the home, it also promotes a healthier more refreshing ambience.


Before you start though, it would be as well to call on us for advice. I can check that your fire has a working flue, whether it is suitable for a use with a solid fuel fire.


Also I can check on the ventilation requirements, as all appliances burning solid fuel need a supply of air to function efficiently. Homes that are draught-proofed or double-glazed may require air-vents to supply the required air.

  • If vents already exist are they blocked or covered?
  • Does the flue need to be swept?


Chimneys must be free of all obstructions, such as bird's nests, leaves, building debris etc which can build up when the chimney is out of use for any period of time.

Even if you use smokeless fuels the chimney should be swept regularly. The recommended frequency that chimneys are to be swept depends on the fuel you use as follows, 


Sweeping Regularity


Smokeless fuels    At least once a year
Bituminous house coal At least twice a year
Wood Quarterly when in use
Gas Once a year
Oil Once a year


Having your chimney swept on a regular basis helps prevent chimney fires. It also reduces the risk of dangerous fumes leaking from blocked appliances, flues, and chimneys. I will issue a certificate for each chimney I sweep, and recommend when it should be swept again. We can also send you a reminder by post or email when that time arrives so that you can rest assured that your fire always remains safe to use.

 For more information on how to open up your fireplace then please click on the link below


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